Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Sites – a Comprehensive Review.


Popular Myths about Dating Sites

Online dating sites as a tool to search for partners are all the rage now. The number of users of such services is growing in all regions of the world. And still, there are people who don’t trust dating services or do not dare to even try them. This is because of widespread myths circulating the Internet. Here are some of them:

– It is impossible to meet a real man/woman on a dating site; all these profiles are fakes and belong to scammers.

– All the girls who open portfolios on mail-order services just sell themselves to wealthy men.

– It is dangerous to use dating sites because of the high risk of encountering maniacs, mentally disabled people, perverts, and freaks.

– It is dangerous because scammers can read your IP address and get access to your personal information.

All these myths are confirmed by reviews and stories of real people who had an unsuccessful experience using these sites. But if you thoroughly read all the reviews and opinions, both negative and positive, you’ll see that there are a lot of happy-ending stories. The truth is somewhere between. Of course, not everyone is lucky to find his or her love quickly. But the same occurs in real life. You can prevent potentially dangerous encounters by taking reasonable precautions.

Advantages of Online Dating Websites

Despite the negative attitudes of some people to dating services, here are some obvious advantages:

1. Dating services give a chance for happiness to all people without exception. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, how you look, or how much you earn. Chances are that your soulmate is somewhere and someone who is waiting for you and nobody else. The Internet gives you the opportunity to find this person without the need to travel around the world. There are no borders on the Internet, and thanks to Japanese mail-order brides services, a man from America can find a bride from Japan. Isn’t it wonderful?

2. They save time, and this is true. Regardless of whether we want it or not, we all live in the era of chronic lack of time. We are always in a hurry, always on the run. Nowadays many young people prefer spending spare time at the computer rather than go out for a dance. Their chances for meeting each other increase thanks to dating sites.

3. It is convenient. Instead of trying to guess whether this pretty girl sitting at the next table in a café is single or not, you open a catalog of women who are really single, and who by default want to find a partner. This helps you to avoid embarrassing situations.

4. The Internet is a solution for very shy and reserved people, who can’t make themselves talk to the opposite sex in real life. Virtual communication offers more freedom, and it often happens that guys that can’t string two words together when seeing an attractive girl are great conversationalists and excellent people. Virtual relations often grow into real love stories with happy endings.

Disadvantages of Online Dating Websites

Along with positive sides of such a phenomenon as online dating, there are some negative sides too. Unfortunately, there is nothing perfect in the world.

1. You don’t see a person whom you are talking to. Sometimes it ends up in disappointment. People who have experienced online dating explain that disappointment happens when you have been chatting with each other for weeks and then you meet each other in real life. The fact is that we tend to create an image in our heads, and sometimes this image is far from reality. We can dislike a variety of things about the person – from the voice, height, the smell, or even his or her manners. And we experience and understand this part of the relationship only when we see a live person, not a picture.

2. It can be addictive. It’s so comfortable and convenient to talk to someone living thousands of miles away. There’s no need to make gifts, resolve everyday problems, and think of routine issues. When you are tired or irritated, you can just turn off your computer and go somewhere else. Also, there are people, for whom online dating becomes a sort of a game, and they can’t stop. Such people can experience difficulties in building long-term relations in real life.

3. Finally, it can be dangerous, though the chances of coming across a real danger are quite small. To protect your personal data, simply be cautious and don’t reveal too much information about yourself. There is a risk of encountering fake accounts as well. When you’re talking to hot Swedish brides, you can’t be 100% sure that none of them are a 50-year-old man living in your city. But this problem can be avoided if you are cautious and attentive to details.

A Bottom Line

The Internet has made many aspects of life much more simple, and the sphere of romantic life is not an exception. Modern dating agencies increase many people’s chances for love and happiness. If you already have a soulmate – it’s wonderful! If not – think about whether it is time to start searching for him or her.


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