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Africa is a mysterious region full of superstitions, legends, and myths. It has been attracting travelers from all over the world for centuries. But there are still a lot of blank spots on the “black” continent.

African women are very special. To be more exact, they can rightfully be called exotic. With their unbelievably thick, black, crisp hair, dark skin – from whity-brown to black – and strong, well-muscled bodies, they are different from Europeans and Americans. It’s no wonder that many men consider African women to be alluring and hot. The best way to get acquainted with authentic girls from Africa is via special dating services called African mail-order brides services. However, everyone who has ever decided to try his luck in this sphere has inevitably faced some challenges and questions.

African mail-order brides – is it real to find a black woman of your dreams?

Mail-order brides services have existed for some years already; however, there are not many agencies specializing in African countries. There are some reasons for it. Despite all the globalization processes and an explosive development of the Internet, Africa is still isolated from the rest world. A substantial part of its territory is still not covered by the Internet. And even if it is, most of the population still lives in extreme poverty. This is especially true for rural citizens (the number of whom is prevailing). Most of these people do not have even basic appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators – some don’t have electricity, not to mention Internet! Even Indian mail-order brides usually have better living conditions and are more aware of modern technologies. The only exception may be South Africa with its relatively stable level of economic development and adequate living conditions.

However, today in many African countries there are girls who want to change their life and the life of their families for the better. Often, the only real chance for them to do this is to become mail-order brides and wait for Western men to marry and move to another country. Though in general the number of these women is still not very large – even in a Filipino mail-order bride catalog you’ll find more brides – if you want to find a woman from Africa, you’ll find her.

What is bride price Africa and how to start dating an African girl?

The price for the services of an online dating agency will be the same irrespective of the geographical location you’ve chosen. Regardless of who you are looking for, hot Swedish brides or African brides, you pay only for access to the girls’ portfolios. But access itself is not a guarantee for your success. To start dating an African girl, you should take into account certain distinctive features of girls who were born and grew up on the “black” continent.

  • The primary (and often the only) goal pursued by beautiful African brides is to change their place of residence and improve their financial situation. The girls don’t even make this a secret. On the one hand, it simplifies the task greatly: even with an average income, you’ll be a Prince of Persia in the eyes of African girls. On the other hand, you must think whether you really want to know that your hot bride is with you only because of your material status.
  • Authentic African women are accustomed to freedom. It can become a problem for your bride to live in a modern American city with its intensity, speed, stuffiness, and unstable climate conditions. Be prepared for the fact that she might not have good manners, and her habits and behavior might be rather extraordinary. Yes, she can be excited when you first bring her to your home country, but soon she can get bored. Unlike Vietnamese brides for sale, who are hardworking, cleanly, and focused on homemaking, African women are often absolutely unadjusted to housekeeping.
  • If you want your African bride to love and respect you with all her heart, you need to match her idea of an ideal man, which can differ from ideas of Western women that you are accustomed to. Yes, money is important for a girl from Africa, but this is not the only thing she cares about, and she won’t love you for it. Africans are much closer to nature than Americans and Europeans, and this is reflected in their views and ideas. Thus, African brides prefer physically strong and healthy men, who can protect a woman from potential danger. You have a slim chance of success if you have bad habits, are overweight, lazy, or rude towards women.

If you found a girl of your dreams, your next step will be a real meeting. Here you should take into account that few African women have enough money for a flight to America. Most of them wait for men to come and take them away. However, experts do not recommend sending money to buy tickets in advance. Chances are that you’ll never see this girl anymore because such a big sum is a real temptation for African people.

An opposite situation: Russian brides in South Africa in search of happiness

You may be surprised, but not only Western men look for African brides, but opposite situations also occur, though rarer. For example, men from South Africa (the most economically developed region of the continent) are often crazy for white women. In particular, there are even Russian brides clubs in this country, and many Russian mail-order brides agree to move there for finding marital happiness. If you read their reviews, you’ll see that many of them are quite happy with their choice.
Of course, these cases are exceptions rather than rules; however, they are quite real. So if you read something about Russian brides in South Africa, don’t be surprised.

How to communicate with your African bride more effectively?

Here are some tips for men, who want to develop their relations with African girls, but can’t achieve success for some reason. Many of them make some typical mistakes.

  • You should demonstrate your serious intentions when you start communicating to a potential bride. As a rule, these girls are not interested in any sort of talkie-talkie. They have a clear goal: most of them want to find a reliable, serious, life partner. After all, Africans usually don’t have much spare time or unlimited Internet access to talk without a clear aim.
  • Don’t be passive and uncertain and don’t wait for a woman to take up the running. You are talking to a woman from a traditional society, and she is accustomed to a more active role of the man.
  • Don’t boast your great income (especially if you don’t have one) and don’t fudge the truth. Even if you manage to tempt a girl with your nonexistent wealth and other merits, the truth will be disclosed one day, and it won’t help you in the long-run.

What is the right strategy?

In fact, there is no a single right strategy in such a delicate sphere as relationships between men and women. However, there are some commonly adopted practices, which work irrespective of who you are communicating with whether they are Spanish mail-order brides or women from Africa.

  • Be courteous, but not flattering. All women in the world like compliments, but these compliments should be sincere and come right from your heart. Think about what you really like about this girl from the photo and tell her. Big expressive eyes? Beautiful hair? A perfect figure? Don’t be embarrassed to say it. However, try not to over exaggerate – women know exactly when you are lying.
  • Be active, but not obtrusive. If a woman doesn’t respond to your messages or ignores you completely, chances are she simply doesn’t want to talk to you or doesn’t like you at all. Just leave her alone and switch to someone else.
  • Don’t demonstrate your superiority! Even if this girl has grown up in a poor African village, while you are from New York, it’s not a reason to humiliate her. She is not a thing that you are buying at a retail store. She is a woman who you like, so treat her as a woman.

African brides are closer than you think, and if you’ve always been mad about African culture and the African type of appearance in women, why not try your luck and get acquainted with a real African woman. She will probably become your loving and caring life partner.


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