Chinese Single Women Looking for Western Men – Are There Any Pitfalls?


 China at a Glance

What do we know about China? It is the biggest Asian country with a unique and ancient culture. We have an idea about Chinese cuisine; we know that they eat a lot of rice and drink green tea. We’ve heard about traditional Chinese medicine. Finally, we imagine the Chinese people as hard-working ants or bees, who do tons of dull monotonous work and provide the rest of the world with tons of cheap goods. By default, it is believed that the Chinese are satisfied with their destiny because they do not complain about it. But in fact, it is not completely true. This is evidenced by the world’s practice of international matchmaking services. If you visit any interracial brides order service, you’ll see millions (yes, millions) of portfolios of young and not so young Chinese women who want to find a Western man to marry. Why does this happen? Let’s try to find out.

What is it Like to Be a Woman in China?

There is a belief that there are more men in China than women, so it’s difficult to find a single beautiful Chinese girl to marry. However, why on earth, then, are there so many women from this country on dating sites?

– In China, there is a special term for describing women who are approaching the age of 30 and still are not married. They are called “leftover women.” In this context, it sounds as if you could simply call them “outdated” or “unwanted.” In Western countries, it is quite normal to get married at the age of 35 or even 45. A lot of women become mothers for the first time in their thirties or even into their forties. But in China, the only chance for such women is to become a Chinese bride to someone who does not worry about how old she is.

– Western men are often surprised by the fact that in brides catalogs of Chinese girls there are many successful, beautiful, modern, and independent women. It can seem that most of these girls could easily find a match in their home country; some men even suspect these women to be fakes – they are too good to be true. But this is what is called a Chinese paradox: successful girls are often single. The reason for this is the mentality of the people. For a Chinese man, the thought of his wife being better than him is unbearable. A typical Chinese man would never marry a girl that is more educated or has a higher income than he does. He would prefer a plain girl from a rural district.

– Living conditions are worth a separate mention. If you’ve grown up in the US or any Western country, you can’t imagine what it is like to live in a tiny apartment somewhere in the suburbs of Shanghai, especially if your family consists of six members. It’s a real warren; apartments are divided from each other by cardboard walls.

Taking all these factors into account, one can understand why Chinese girls are so desperately looking for foreigners, and why they so eagerly agree to move to another country, ideally, to America.

How to Find the Best Chinese Wife?

If you are interested in Chinese women, you might be interested in Chinese culture, its traditions, and special features. You may want to find an authentic, real bride, who is 100% Chinese in terms of her appearance, manners, and mentality. Specialists from dating agencies give the following recommendations:

– Don’t try to find a bride in Beijing and Shanghai. These two major cities of China are the most influenced by Western culture. They are crowded with foreigners, and local women are accustomed to it. These girls are different from the population of the rest of the country. They know their worth, and they copy Western women in terms of their behavior.

– Be attentive when you look at brides’ photos. Chinese women can use tons of cosmetics in order to look better than they really are. They do it unintentionally, but men often get disappointed when they see a woman 10 years older than the girl from the photo.

– A lot of Chinese women don’t speak English. But the good news is that they quickly learn the language (maybe it’s because English is so simple as opposed to Chinese). Whatever the reason, if your Chinese girlfriend doesn’t speak English right now, chances are she will fluently speak it in less than a year.

– Don’t compare Chinese girls to just anybody. To some men without experience, it can seem that all Asian women look alike – Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese. You may think what you want, but don’t tell your Chinese girlfriend that you think Asian people look alike if you don’t want to offend her – especially if it is Japan. Do not compare Chinese girls with the Japanese ones, and don’t say that they are alike or something of the kind.

– Do not try to buy your prospective wife. Yes, it is often said that Chinese women are materialistic, and they are materialistic, but money is not the only thing that matters to them. If you want to give a gift to your girlfriend, chances are she will be happy. However, don’t offend her with the direct offering of money in exchange for sex or something like that. Yes, the living conditions of people in China are far from perfect, but they don’t live in total poverty and don’t want to feel bought.

Like all women in the world, Chinese girls like compliments, courtesy, and attention. So if you want to steal the heart of a hot Chinese woman, just be a gentleman. Be sincere, open, and generous – she will appreciate it.


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