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Popularity of international dating is growing

The world is changing and people living in this world in this world are changing, too. It becomes especially noticeable nowadays in the era of the Internet and artificial intelligence development. Today, long distances don’t seem as overwhelming as they used to seem. The world has become much smaller and nations seemingly much closer. Not only can we buy any product from any country with a couple of clicks, but we can also get in touch with any person from any country in real life mode with the same number of clicks. Moreover, we can hear each other’s voices and even look at each other, thanks to modern video chats. Our grandparents couldn’t dream of this when they were young.

All these changes have opened up a lot of new opportunities in all spheres of life. And one of these spheres is international dating. These days, many people are not satisfied with relationships they find in their nearest environments and want to get a more exciting, thrilling, and unusual experience. The booming popularity of international dating agencies is clear evidence of the fact that more and more people prefer partners from other countries and other cultures. Americans, for example, often look for Latin mail-order brides, and Europeans or for Russian mail-order brides. And they have plenty of reasons for doing so!

Why do Americans choose foreign brides?

It may be not politically correct to say so, but American women have become less attractive for American men over the recent years. The ideas from the Women’s Liberation Movement have influenced many Western girls, turning their attitude to life upside down. According to numerous anonymous surveys, a good half of men believe that modern American girls are too independent, too masculine-looking, and care too little about their beauty and femininity. They think too much of their career and work and little of housekeeping and family-rearing. More and more men say that American women are great partners and cool friends, but bad wives. It’s no surprise that men from the US try their luck on dating sites, looking for sexy brides from other countries.

Colombian mail-order brides – why are they so attractive for Americans?

Latin women have always appealed to men from the US for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they are relatively close: at least you don’t have to cross the ocean to see each other. Secondly, all Latin girls are sexy and beautiful, and hot Colombian brides are no exception. Thirdly, unlike modern American girls, women from the countries of Latin America have still preserved their natural femininity; they are alluring, passionate, loving, and focused on romance and family life rather than their careers. Even though people from the same culture are all very different, there are some common features that unite the majority of Colombian women.

  • Colombia, like many quickly developing countries, is gradually becoming Westernized, it has successfully preserved its cultural identity. Girls in this country are taught to respect men and to be good mothers and wives from childhood on.
  • Regarding their appearances, Colombian women can seem exotic, but most of them are beautiful. They have dark skin (from olive-tinted to brown), black glossy hair, and expressive dark eyes.
  • Like all Latin women, girls from Colombia like to look good. They keep their figure; they wear wonderful long dresses and high heels. And they really enjoy alluring men and making them crazy. And the cost for all this is simply love and respect, as these proud hot girls seek not money, but loving partnerships.

It’s no surprise then that Western men (including Americans and Canadians), who are already disappointed with women in their home countries, are captivated with these vivid, openhearted, and emotional girls. Colombian women let men be men. They don’t undertake too much responsibility; rather leaving it to the men. And men are quite happy with such a scenario.

Colombian brides marriage – is it real to find a wife from Colombia?

If you visit any Colombian mail-order brides service, you’ll see a lot of portfolios of single Colombian girls looking for foreign men. Though some of them are there just for fun, the majority of hot Colombian brides are seeking for serious relationships. You may have a reasonable question – why are they looking for men from abroad? Well, the reasons are different, but according to reviews, most girls are not satisfied with men’s attitude and behavior in their home country. Unlike women, Colombian men tend to be rude, aggressive, and egoistical. Many of them prefer to have numerous love affairs with pretty girls. Of course, modern, intelligent, well-educated girls, who read fashion magazines and use the Internet, don’t want to tolerate such attitudes. They know perfectly well that Western patterns of behavior are superior and they choose this pattern for themselves.

If you want to find a girlfriend or a wife from Colombia, of course, you don’t need to fly to this country and walk along the streets, trying to talk to all of the attractive girls. There is an easier method. Just create an account on an appropriate mail-order service and look for portfolios of brides; prices for access are quite moderate.

Some men feel embarrassed about the need to register on dating sites. But in fact, it is a common practice in all countries of the world. Today, you can easily find Spanish mail-order brides services and even a more exotic Filipino mail-order bride catalogue. Men and women from different parts of the world are looking for each other, using the most advanced tools such as specialized online services for this. And it is absolutely normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Hot Colombian brides – what do you need to know about them?

When starting a relationship with a girl from Colombia, you should expect that her behavior will differ from what you are accustomed to. Sometimes, her manners can seem strange and even weird, but it is necessary to consider that people from different nations used to different methods of expressing themselves. And this is what makes them really unique:

  • Girls from Colombia are hot in all the respects. This hotness is associated not only with their sexiness but also with a hot temper. For example, you should take into account that these Latin women are jealous. If your Colombian bride sees you flirting with another girl, expect a real thunderstorm. She can even break up with you for this reason. On the other hand, you can expect marital fidelity from your Colombian wife.
  • Family life is one of the primary values for Colombian people. So don’t be surprised when your bride, in response to your proposal, asks you to get approval from a relative of hers first. And be sure that if a girl agrees to introduce you to her family members, she feels serious about your relationship. She will expect similar behavior from you, so if you are going to make a proposal to your mistress, be ready to introduce her to your parents or other family members.
  • Keep in mind that many Colombians do not speak English. The two languages that are generally spoken in this country are Spanish and Portuguese. If you intend to marry a Colombian girl, you are recommended to study one of these languages at least at a basic level. If you have no such opportunity or motivation, then indicate in your portfolio that you are looking for an English-speaking woman. Keep in mind that your choice will be a little bit limited.

One general advice regarding any type of online dating is to preceed with reasonable caution. No matter whether you are dealing with a Ukraine brides agency or Colombian brides marriage service, take some preventive measures in order to not be cheated. Different types of scams occur in this sphere despite a relatively good level of protection (account verification and so on). For example, there is a risk of encountering a fake portfolio. If you see that a girl is too good to be true, try double checking all of the data. Don’t send her money, and don’t pay for tickets, if she says that she wants to visit you. Ask her about chatting via video chat. If she refuses under one pretext or another, chances are, this is a scam. Also, don’t reveal too much personal information to your virtual girlfriends. If you want to take your relations to the next level, ask about a real meeting.


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