Eastern Women – What are They Like and Why do They Look for Western Men!


Asia has always been a mysterious region for typical Europeans and Americans. The ancient civilizations that have preserved their traditions until modern times, unique cultures, exotic cuisines, hieroglyphs, right-to-left languages, and, finally, the unusual beauty of Eastern women heat the imagination and provoke a genuine interest in Asia for Western people.

Asian Girls – What are They Like?

Women from Southeast Asia – China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Philippines – seem special and appealing to many men. To some extent, it is associated with numerous fictional images from books and films. Eastern women are traditionally considered passionate lovers and docile wives. No wonder that Japanese and Filipino mail-order brides are in such a great demand. These are popular stereotypes.

And what is the truth?

– In general, the influence of traditions in many Asian countries is stronger than in the West. This is especially true for small towns and remote villages, where the patriarchal structure has persevered until today. Nevertheless, in big cities of China and Japan the society is much more liberated. Modern Asian girls are emancipated and quite independent. They get a good education and occupy key positions in banks and offices. They wear fashionable clothes, visit nightclubs, and use the Internet. And they look for life partners who will treat them with respect.

– Not all Asian women are Buddhists, and not all of them are religious. For example, Vietnam as a socialist state, a secular country, and most Vietnamese are atheists. Chinese society is also diverse. Still, if you are talking to an Asian girl, you’d better wonder about her views in order not to offend her by accident.

– Asian women are very different even if you think they all look alike. In China alone, there are over a thousand different ethnicities. But most women from Asia really have some common features: long-slated or almond-shaped eyes, black straight hair, and wider cheekbones. Asians usually are small in height and they are slim.

Why do Eastern Women Look for Western Men

If you open any Chinese brides sale agency, you’ll see millions of portfolios of girls who want to marry an American or a European man and shift their place of residence. The same is true for the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and even the highly-developed Japan. Why are so many young pretty women ready to escape their home countries and marry foreigners? Well, there are reasons for them to do so.

– Asia is the most overcrowded region in the world. The population density in some cities of China and the Philippines is just enormous. Add poor ecology, bad living conditions, small salaries, unsanitary conditions, and a woman’s desire to escape from all this is quite understandable. Sometimes a family of six has to live in one tiny room. It’s no surprise that girls do not want such a future for themselves and their children.

– Fines for multi-child families instead of state support. The desire of women to be mothers is quite natural, and many of them want to have more than one child. But in China, for example, it is very difficult if not impossible to bear more than one child.

– Women don’t like the attitude of their “home” men. Despite global changes that have happened over recent years, the mentality of many men hasn’t altered. They still want to see obedient and modest wives who will do everything at once. Women, in turn, want to be treated in another way. Modern Asian girls do not accept many age-old traditions and stay single; meanwhile, they wait for decent partners.

These are not all the reasons; in fact, there are many more nuances to living in an Asian country. But most women want ordinary human happiness, which is seen by them as a life living in a big, separate house with a caring partner, who treats his wife with love and respect. Many of them want to get an education in a Western university and find a good job: something better than assembly line work or making mobile phones at a plant or other monotonous low-wage job.

What are the Benefits of Asian Wives?

Despite all the modern trends and changes in the Eastern style of living, Asian women are still different from American and European females. They are much more reserved and modest; they are hard-working and patient. And they are not afraid of challenges. A typical Chinese woman is accustomed to difficulties in her everyday life and knows how to cope with them.

Asian women are quiet. They don’t shout at anybody, and especially not at their men. Finally, they are great homemakers and good cooks. These qualities appeal to men from different countries again and again.


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