Everything You Should Know about Online Dating: a Guide for Men from A to Z!


Dating Agencies – a Brief History and General Purpose

The idea of dating services is not new. So-called matchmaking agencies existed in the 18th century in some countries. In the 20th century, the popularity of these services grew significantly, and they became more diverse. For example, in the early 1900s, the first mail-order brides agencies appeared. They were mainly oriented at rich Western (American) men and women from developing (for example, Asian) countries. Men posted ads in newspapers, and Asian brides for sale (women who were ready to shift their place of residence and marry a foreigner) could respond to the ads by writing a letter. After some period of epistolary intercourse, the couple could meet in real life and get married if they liked each other.

In the early 2000s, with the development of the Internet, the dating business shifted significantly. Online dating websites offered a variety of new features and convenient tools for everybody, and their popularity increased sharply. However, the core idea is the same as many years ago – all dating sites help people find each other.

Modern Dating Sites – Their Types and Characteristics

Nowadays, many different types of matchmaking sites and services exist. To choose the right site, you need to understand what goal you want to pursue, and what you can expect from this or that service.

– Free dating websites. They are open for registration to everybody, and no fee is charged for a basic set of services (registration, looking through portfolios, writing messages, and some other services). These sites are popular in some countries of Eastern Europe and Russia. The advantages of free services are their availability and the huge number of users they attract. But there are disadvantages as well – a lot of fake profiles, a high risk of scamming and a lot of spam of all kinds. Registration usually requires verification of your account, but it is easily bypassed. The chance of finding a soulmate on such a site is only a medium, and the risk of being scammed is relatively high.

– “Mail-order” web agencies. They are widespread in many Western countries, including the US and Canada. These agencies offer paid services. To get access to the “brides” portfolios, men have to pay. Women, predominantly from developing countries, don’t pay; on the contrary, some of them receive a commission for participating on the site. The advantages of such agencies are a higher protection level and more real women who want to get acquainted with men. The disadvantage is a paid system and a limited number of portfolios.

– Webcam agencies. Such websites are intended for virtual communication via online chat and a webcam. In most cases, these sites are focused on the erotic side of relationships. They are popular with men from various countries, and most girls participate there for a fee. In some countries, these sites are illegal, while other states do not regulate them.

– Different types of specialized dating agencies. For example, sites for cougars (older women dating young men), sites for LGBTs, sites for seniors, and so on. They are all intended for particular narrow niches and usually do not compete with each other.

What Site is Best to Start with?

Everyone chooses the most appropriate variant of a dating website depending on his personal goals and preferences. For example, you need to realize clearly who you want to find and why – a soulmate, a life partner, a lover, a friend, a virtual lover, or someone else. Think about whether you expect a serious romance or if you just want to entertain yourself.

Men, who aim to find a wife, but who are too busy to look for her in real life, or just don’t want to marry a girl from their city or their country, usually opt for mail-order services. For example, in great demand are Ukrainian mail-order brides and women from other countries of Western Europe. The advantages of these sites are obvious: for a moderate fee one gets access to hundreds of portfolios of women, who really want to date men from America or Western Europe. It is much simpler, quicker, and cheaper than if you had to go to one of these countries and try to find a bride in real life.

Of course, your goals can differ from immediate marriage. If you just want to entertain yourself by chatting with beautiful girls, you may use any free dating site. Beware of scamming though: learn how to recognize fake profiles and protect yourself from fraud. Don’t reveal your personal info and don’t agree to exchange any material that you don’t want to be published on the Internet one day.

Is it Real to Find a Soulmate on a Modern Website?

Nowadays, online dating is one of the most popular ways of starting relationships. People today spend a lot of time online, so it’s no surprise that a substantial part of our life has been transferred to the Internet. Successful experiences of thousands of happy couples confirm that everything is in your hands. If you want to build happiness with your own hands, then start doing it.

Despite some people’s doubts, online dating for many men and women is the only real way of finding a partner. The Internet gives equal chances to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live – on the Internet you get close to millions of people from all over the world. Chances are that your other half is among these people.


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