Five Real Stories of Success from Dating Agencies – it’s Never too Late!


Some people don’t believe that it is possible to find love on the Internet. However, experiences from hundreds of couples prove exactly the opposite. Moreover, many people find each other and even get married despite long distances and international borders. Thanks to modern means of communication, nothing’s impossible, and a man from the USA can easily meet a girl from Japan without ever leaving his home. Here are five real stories that illustrate it better than we could ever articulate.

Story one. Matthew and Amanda

45-year-old Matthew met 36-year-old Amanda by accident after a series of fruitless attempts on one of the popular dating platforms. He liked the photo of this slender tiny woman in a sky-blue dress and long black hair. She looked a little sad, and Matthew decided she might be single…

“I’d lost every hope for success on this site,” Amanda wrote. “All of the men who wrote to me were weird, bothered me, or poured tons of personal problems and complexes upon my shoulders… Yes, it used to be like that until one day I got a message from Matthew. He turned out to be intelligent and had a great sense of humor. I felt like we were on the same wavelength. Almost three months had passed till we met in real life. To tell the truth, I was afraid, like a teenager. But everything turned out great. We really fell in love with each other at first sight. Now we are planning our wedding, and we are absolutely happy.”

Story two. George and Miori

George has always been mad about Japan, its culture, and especially its girls. He was a fan of anime in his teenage years and Japanese films when he grew up. He even attended a Japanese language course. At a certain point in his life, he decided that he would only marry a Japanese girl, and no one else. At the age of 35, he signed up for a service of Japanese picture brides and met beautiful Miori. After almost a half of a year of online texting, George finally arranged his trip to Japan in order to see his “bride” in real life. Reality turned out to be even better than his expectations. He immediately made a proposal to his Japanese princess, and she accepted. Today the couple lives in the US, in George’s home. At least twice a year they visit Japan, where George continues practicing his Japanese.

Story three. Michael and Olga

Olga is from Ukraine. Michael is from Ohio, USA. It happened so that at the age of 21 Olga, a beautiful, intelligent girl, was absolutely alone. Her parents were killed in a car accident, and her boyfriend left her without explanation. Olga couldn’t find a good job because she had no working experience. In the depths of despair, she created a portfolio on a Ukraine brides agency. She says that she expected a wave of old ugly men looking for young lovers, but to her surprise, users of this site were all different, and many of them were very attractive. One day she received a message from 32-year-old Michael, who was struck by her beauty. Their relationship developed very quickly, and they decided not to delay the meeting. Michael flew to Ukraine and was shocked with the conditions with which Olga had to live. He took her from her small apartment to Ohio, where the couple lives until today. Olga is now in the final year of university (she is a future IT-specialist), and in her spare time, she teaches private Russian and Ukrainian language lessons.

Story four. Hal and Deborah

Hal says that he still doesn’t know why he decided to look for a bride in Brazil. “Maybe it was just curiosity, and maybe a decree of fate, I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve always loved Latin music, salsa, and Latin women of course. But to tell you the truth, I knew nothing of them, absolutely nothing! I used to think they were all easy-going, hot, and frivolous. But my Debora is different. She is quiet and serious – almost as if she doesn’t have any Spanish roots! But I love her, and she is the only women I feel comfortable with.”

As for 26-year-old Debora, she’s chosen Hal for his “kind heart and big soul.” In her own words, thanks to Hal, she’s changed her opinion of Americans too. “I used to think that American men were snobbish and egotistical,” she said. “But Hal let me see that I was mistaken. He is a real man, and I love him not for his outer beauty, but for his kind heart and his big soul.”

Now Hal and Debora are happily married and are expecting a baby.

Story five. Robert and Svetlana

Robert from Detroit met his future wife Svetlana on one of popular dating websites when he was looking through portfolios of Russian girls. At first, he was impressed by Svetlana’s beauty and wrote to her. While communicating, it turned out that this 25-year-old girl apart from her beauty had a good education and a great sense of humor. Svetlana worked as an interpreter in one major company and happened to visit the USA on occasion. During her next visit, Robert went to the airport and they spent that day together. In some time Svetlana had to leave for her home country, but soon both of them realized that they couldn’t live without each other. Almost a year had passed before they finally got married. Now the couple lives in Robert’s apartments in Detroit.

As you see, everything is possible. If you can’t find a soulmate around you, it’s time to think: maybe your other half lives somewhere far away and all you need to do is to find her or him. Make the first step towards your happiness today: you have nothing to lose and the reward can be great.


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