Foreign Brides: Girls of What Nation Suit Me Best – Guide for Men!


Some Words about Intermarriage

Finding a husband or wife overseas is one of the latest trends in the sphere of matchmaking. Nowadays, more and more dating agencies offer the service of international and interracial dating. Most commonly, men from highly developed countries look for women from developing or “third-world” countries. It is believed that these girls are more focused on family values and homemaking; they are great wives and caring mothers. Moreover, women from southern and southeastern countries often have an exotic beauty, which really drives men crazy.

Men often wonder how to choose the region or the country for finding a prospective wife. Though it is said that love doesn’t know borders, there are some aspects that one should take into account. Mentality and cultural thought patterns of different nations can vary widely. Moreover, they often have different values, traditions, manners, and preferences. If you know what to expect from people who grew up in certain circumstances, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Women of Different Nations: a Brief Review

According to experts from major interracial agencies, women belonging to one nation are commonly and easily recognizable due to their common distinctive features. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are usually rare.

Russians are traditionally considered open-hearted, hospitable, and oriented toward homemaking rather than their careers. But one should consider that nowadays, girls in Russia are often influenced by Western culture, and they are much more independent and career-oriented than before. Typically, they are well-educated and have broad-based knowledge; many of them have traveled a lot. They are highly appreciated for their beauty and cared-for look. In general, they often look more feminine than Americans and Europeans.

Ukrainian girls are believed to be the most beautiful in Eastern Europe, and this is true! Ukrainian mail-order brides are the hottest and probably the most popular in America. As for their nature, these girls are usually merry, easy-going, and have a positive attitude toward life. They keep up with fashion, use high-quality cosmetics, and like to be feminine and alluring. At the same time, they are not afraid of difficulties, as they grew up in not too favorable of living conditions. They are good cooks and do everything by themselves. Many of them are intelligent and well-educated.

Latin women are probably the most alluring. They like to focus on their sexuality and don’t feel embarrassed about it. They were born and live in sunny regions, on a sea coast, and they are accustomed to wearing minimal clothing. Most of them are sociable and open. They are talkative and actively gesticulate during a conversation. At the same time, they are often jealous and quick-tempered. But they can be great friends and passionate lovers as well. As for their culture and traditions, they are quite similar to Americans. Most Latin mail-order brides are Catholics, and they usually don’t have any weird traditions.

The same can’t be said about Chinese women, who are often a real mystery to Western men. They are reserved and often have great self-control. Don’t expect a Chinese woman to share her secrets and ideas with you. She will hardly speak straight out – on the contrary, you’ll have to constantly guess what she really means when she says this or that. At the same time, Chinese women are good wives and reliable partners. Many of them have a good education and occupy good posts in major companies.

If you want a real exotic partner, you may be interested in African women. Many of them are really beautiful. For most Africans, marrying a Western man is the only chance to change their life for the better, and your bride will likely idolize you. But don’t expect her to be an equal partner for you. The majority of authentic African girls don’t have any education, and they will hardly ever get it. Also, they can have rather strange traditions and superstitions.

Filipino brides are probably the best wives, considering their quiet nature and cleanliness. They are hard-working and responsible, and their traditions make them respect and obey men. Filipinos are often naturally beautiful, and their requirements and demands are quite modest. They are faithful wives and loving mothers.

Who Suits Me Best

First of all, you need to decide what you want from your future wife. Do you want to see her as a great mother of several children and a caring homemaker? Then consider Filipino or Vietnamese brides. Do you want to have an equal partner and a good friend? Think about European or Russian girls. Want to have a sexy and beautiful bride? Consider Latin girls. And keep in mind that mutual love and respect are keys for all relationships, irrespective of your bride’s nationality.


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