How to Protect Yourself from Scam When Using Online Dating Services!


Online Dating – What’s the Danger?

Despite the growing popularity of online dating, a lot of men and women still hesitate about creating an account on one of the popular matchmaking services. And the reason for this hesitation is oodles of stories about scammers’ victims. These stories circulate the Internet, making people believe that online dating is dangerous and hazardous. But in fact, if we dig a little bit deeper, we’ll see that in the majority of cases, the victims brought this upon themselves. After all, every adult person should realize that every time we get acquainted with somebody, we need time to get to know each other and begin to trust each other. You wouldn’t tell something deeply personal to a stranger who you met an hour ago on the street. The same true for online dating.

Typical Tricks of Scammers on Dating Sites

If you read reviews or stories of those who faced frauds on matchmaking sites, you’ll learn that most of them are very similar. The fact is that swindlers practice the same tricks time and again, and new victims continue to swallow the bait.

The simplest method is creating a fake profile. Suppose, on the site of free Mexican mail-order brides one creates a profile, using a fake name, a fake date of birth and fake photos (these photos are often bought in photo stocks or just taken from the web and processed). Though most agencies require verification of accounts, this requirement can be bypassed. These fake accounts are commonly used for the coding of genuine users, who really want to find their love and tend to believe to everybody. A common scheme is the following: a scammer, using fake photos as bait (usually these are photos of a very beautiful and sexy girl), waits for someone to write to him (or her). When the ice is broken, he does everything to make his victim relax and believe in the realness of the girl. Scammers are good psychologists, and they can be very charming and patient. Depending on the goal of the swindler and his “scale,” communication can last from a couple of days and weeks to months. What’s the outcome?

Different options are possible:

– Your charming dialog partner “suddenly” gets into a very difficult situation: for, example, she (or her mother, sister, etc.) is seriously ill and needs a large sum of money right now.

– She has problems with the law, or debt collectors are going to seize her property or put her in prison.

– She is eager to visit with you, but she needs money to get a visa and buy tickets;

– She lost her job and has no money to pay for the Internet, so she can’t communicate with you anymore.

These terrible stories are always followed by a request for money. The request may be expressed directly or in the form of hints. Needless to say, after you transfer a round sum to a fake bank account or e-wallet, you’ll never see this girl again.

Apart from swindlers working from fake accounts, there are some real people who pose a danger. These are mentally disabled people, maniacs, sex offenders, and criminals of all types. Their goal is to tempt a victim into a trap and rape, rob, or even kill her or him.

Does it Mean that All Online Dating Agencies are Potentially Dangerous?

Despite all the potential threats, online dating poses no more threats than conventional offline acquaintances do. If you take timely preventive measures, nothing will happen.

A more reasonable due diligence includes the following patterns of behavior:

– Beware that if the profile seems too good to be true, it could very likely turn out to be fake. Look through the photos and ask yourself whether they belong to a real person who wants to talk to you or a model. If something seems dubious, find a way to check the authenticity of your dialog partner. For example, ask this charming girl to live chat or video conference via Skype.

– Even if you have been chatting for some days or even weeks and your relations seem to be developing in the right direction, don’t reveal all personal information until you meet in the real life.

– Don’t transfer funds to anybody. Even if your conversation partner seems to be sincere and stricken with grief. Keep in mind that you don’t know this person. If you can’t put it straight, just say that you don’t have money or you are in a difficult life situation as well. Then look at the reaction of your sexy bride. Chances are she will melt away after your words.

– To avoid date rape or other criminal situations, arrange your first meeting in a public place – in the center of the city, in a restaurant or café.

– If your prospective bride asks you to send money to buy tickets (in order to visit you), offer an alternative solution – to come to visit her. If she rejects your proposition, it’s a reason for you to smell a rat.

Online dating is safe if you don’t let your guards down. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Chinese mail-order brides service or communicating to Japanese girls – think of your safety first and you’ll be rewarded.


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