How to Start Dating a Girl of Your Dream if She Lives Thousand Miles away!


We all dream of someone special. But an image of an ideal partner differs for different people. While one man dreams of a girl living next door, another one can go crazy for the exotic beauty found in Filipino or Vietnamese women and want nothing but to marry one of them. Thankfully, this dream can come true and is even easier than you may think. Today there exists special online agencies that provide matchmaking services to people around the world.

What Type of Online Service Should I Use?

If your goal is to find a soulmate or a bride from a remote country, you’d better start looking for an appropriate online service. Usually, these services have a prefix “mail-order,” for example, Russian mail-order brides. Although it sounds weird and old-fashioned, don’t be surprised. This term dates back to the 19th century when brides could virtually be “written off” or “ordered” from abroad. Today, it doesn’t mean anything special – of course, you don’t buy or order anybody; girls are not “sold” and they’re not even “chosen” or “selected.” The choice is mutual, like in real life, and agencies just help you to get to know each other.

How Does it All Happen?

The procedure of online dating is rather standard and resembles the conventional services of marriage brokers that have existed in probably every culture at certain periods of time.

In simple terms, it looks like the following:

– You sign-up on the site and look at candidates’ photos (previews);

– If you like anyone, you pay some fee to an agency to get access to the portfolios as well as an opportunity to contact the girl you like;

– In most cases, you’ll need to verify your account by providing a set of documents – from an identity card to a criminal history clearance report and health certificate. It is necessary to protect prospective brides from criminals, swindlers, and mentally disabled people. Girls’ accounts are verified as well.

As you see, there is nothing too difficult or complicated about it, and if you’ve done everything correctly, it won’t take you much time to get access to the portfolios of real brides from your chosen country.

How to Start Communicating – Tips for Men

A lot of men don’t know how to start a conversation with a foreign girl and do one of a number of stupid mistakes. There are things that you are not recommended to do if you really want to build a relationship with a woman from a remote corner of the world.

– Do not start a conversation with backhanded compliments. Try not to use words like “sexy” or “hot,” and do not focus on her body. You are talking to a real woman whose goal is to find a soulmate and not only a sexual partner. If you want to start with a compliment, say something neutral, for example, mention her beautiful eyes.

– Do not say that you are here just for fun. Many women will lose interest in you immediately. This is especially true for girls, living in the third world countries, who actually want to marry a Western man and leave their home country. They won’t waste time on you if you show that your intentions are not serious.

– Don’t lie. Some men like exaggerating everything – from their personal qualities to their income. If you want to build strong relationships, don’t start them with the lie. Sooner rather than later the truth will be revealed, and you’ll regret it.

– Don’t touch on politics and other delicate topics right away. International dating makes nations closer to each other despite all political efforts. If you are going to discuss politics, you’d better find another platform for it.

What are the right strategies? Experts recommend using the following practices:

– Be natural. Write what you really think and feel (within reason, of course). Tell something about yourself and ask her some questions, but don’t be too obsessive. The aim of the first virtual meeting is to simply look at each other and learn some basic information about each other. You can become closer in the process of further communication.

– Don’t be afraid to take initiative. You are a man, and in most cultures, it is a man who plays the role of the leader.

Other Things to Consider

Before you even start looking for a foreign bride, try to learn at least basic information about her country. It is important to understand what rules and traditions exist in this culture, what girls living there expect from men, and so on. There are many myths and stereotypes about almost every nation, but many of them have nothing to do with reality. For example, you may think that Vietnamese mail-order brides are all Buddhists, while actually, most Vietnamese people are atheists. Also, don’t consider all the girls from Vietnam as modest and hard-working: in fact, they are very different and unique; moreover, they live in the modern world, use the Internet and watch TV, so their life position can differ greatly from what is traditionally accepted in this country.

The girl of your dreams could be closer than you think. Just be prepared for your meeting and start communicating. You’ll see the result!


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