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Mail-order brides service history

The term “mail-order brides” is not new. In fact, it dates back to the 19th century when former Europeans, after their immigration to North America, faced a problem: lack of women. Many of those men managed to achieve success in terms of their material and financial situation and wanted to leave their money and property to children. But because there were a lot of male immigrants around and very few women, they had nothing to do, but “order” brides from abroad by mail. They posted advertisements in newspapers and exchanged letters via regular mail; sometimes it took years before a man and a woman met in real life. Their primary focus of attention was the Asian region, where living conditions of women were very hard, sometimes unbearable. It’s no surprise that a lot of women agreed to shift their place of residence and move to the USA. After exchanging several letters, a future “bride” moved to America and the couple got married. Later on, this practice spread across other countries and regions. But traditionally, the term “mail-order brides” means an acquaintance for matrimonial purposes of a wealthy Western man with a woman from a poor or a developing country.

Modern days
Nowadays, this term still exists and it still means approximately the same thing. Though today many people find this expression to be derogative and objectifying (because women are equated to goods or items that can be ordered or bought), it is still widely used by international matching agencies and ordinary people. Most of these services are absolutely legal and work in full compliance with existing laws. Moreover, interracial dating agencies take certain protective measure to prevent violence and inadequate behavior on behalf of men towards their prospective brides. For example, in America, before a man gets access to the contacts and personal information of a beautiful woman, he needs to pay a fee. Moreover, he is often required to provide some papers confirming a lack of criminal history, his stable mental health, and even his annual income. Only those men who comply with the requirements of the agency are allowed to get in touch with brides.

Of course, things have changed too. The entire procedure of mail-order has been transferred to the Internet, and the process of communication has been accelerated. Thanks to modern tools, such as chats, messengers, video chats, and mobile phones you can communicate at any time of the day in an online mode. Mail-order services commonly function on the premises of online international matching (or dating) agencies, and every agency has its own specialization or works in several directions. For example, of great demand now are the following directions:

  • Ukrainian mail-order brides. Brides from Eastern Europe have traditionally been in demand in the US and Western Europe due to their natural beauty, cared for appearances, and good education and manners. At the same time, over 50% of hot brides from Ukraine would like to move abroad because of the poor economic situation in the country, the high unemployment rate, and the lack of decent men around them.
  • Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino brides for sale. These women are highly appreciated in the West for been hardworking, patient, quiet, and oriented towards homemaking. From their perspective, girls from Southeast Asia often want to leave the dirty, poor and overcrowded cities of their home countries for more civilized living conditions.
  • Latin America: mail-order brides Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and so on. This direction is slightly less popular, but pictures and video of Brazilian girls can still be found in any international matchmaking company.

There are also some more exotic geographical directions. For example, Africa has been gaining popularity in recent years. Also, Asian regions that hadn’t been covered with the Internet before have now become accessible. This is, for example, South Asia, in particular, South India. This region has its own distinctive features that one should consider before proceeding with his bride search. Unlike, for example, a Russian brides club, Indian brides agencies are specific and unique as the Indian women themselves.

Indian mail-order brides – what’s special about them?

India is a big and very densely-populated country. In fact, there are a lot of ethnic groups living in its territory. And all of them are different. However, there are some common characteristics among the majority of them. A typical Indian woman looks like following:

  • long, glossy black hair – thick and straight;
  • tanned skin – from olive-tinted to almost brown;
  • expressive brown, almost black eyes;
  • a slender figure, especially if this is a young girl who doesn’t have children.

There are a lot of really alluring, sexy women among Indian mail-order brides. Many Western men get really impressed with their special exotic beauty, neat figures, and gliding movements. However, if you’ve decided on finding a south Indian bride, you need to consider some very specific facts about this nation:

  • A lot of Indians are vegetarians. This is part of their culture and their age-old traditions. Moreover, don’t forget that cows are sacred animals in India. By eating beef, you can deeply wound the religious feelings of your bride. Think about whether you are ready to sacrifice your love of juicy beefsteaks for the love of an Indian bride.
  • Don’t expect your south Indian bride to be as hardworking and cleanly as Filipino or Japanese women are. India itself is a very polluted and dirty country with an extremely high unemployment level. Indian women rarely get a good education or find a job. Many of them just sit at home and don’t see anyone but their family members and neighbors. Moreover, it is a kind of a norm for them to walk barefoot and eat with their hands. If you are shocked by such behavior, then Indian brides are probably not for you.
  • Consider religious issues. Most people in India are Hindus, while Catholics make up less than two percent of the population. If you don’t care about religion much or you are ready to join your bride’s religion (or she is ready to join your views), it’s not a problem. But if you are a strong Catholic, you’d better discuss this issue in advance. It may turn out that your religious views are too different and you won’t find common ground.

However, there are definitely some positive features in Indian women. If compared to independent American or European girls, they are very quiet, modest, and even shy. An Indian woman is accustomed to the thought that she plays the second role in the family, while her husband plays the main role. Indians respect their parents and the parents of their husbands. They never let themselves shout at men or be rude to them. Finally, they are good mothers for their children and they have strong health typical for South Asian women, which allows them bear and raise many children.

Where and how to find a South Indian bride?

To find a prospective wife from South India you need to register in a relevant online matchmaking interracial agency. After the verification process and confirmation of your intention, you can pay for access to an online catalog of girls’ pictures. Don’t be surprised that women in the catalog are very different. You will see both young pretty girls, 40-year-old widowed or divorced women,  and mothers of multiple children. All of them are looking for their marital happiness abroad. To choose a girl you want, you may specify in your profile the desired age, height, marital status, type of appearance, and other parameters. After you’ve found the matching woman, you can start communicating with her.

Most Indians speak English well, as it is their state’s second language, so, there shouldn’t be any language barrier which can be the case with Chinese brides, for example. While communicating, you can discuss all the topics you like – plans for life, interests, hobbies, and many others. If you feel that this girl is exactly who you were looking for, you can plan your meeting. But the interest, of course, should be mutual.

International dating is gaining popularity worldwide due to the growing accessibility of online matchmaking services and modern means of communication. For many Americans today, it is quite easy to find a foreign bride from almost any country of the world.


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