Latin Women Looking for American Men: Why are They Worth Consideration!


When it comes to international matchmaking, Latin America is a less popular direction, than, for example, Asia. Unlike India, The Philippines, Vietnam, or Africa, the countries of the Latin American region offer decent living conditions to its residents; economies of these states are quickly developing, and there is no desperate need to looking in well-off foreign countries for husbands in order to shift the place of residence. Still, many online dating services offer Colombian and Mexican brides for sale. And a lot of men, looking for life partners, prefer these hot Latin girls to any others. Are they really worth consideration? Let’s try to find it out.

Latin America at a Glance

Unlike all Asian cultures, which have a long history dating back to ancient civilizations, Latin America is a relatively new region. Residents of most Latin American countries do not belong to any particular nation. There is no such nationality as “Latin American.” All of the people living in these states are descendants of Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, the French, the British, Africans, Indians, and many other nationalities and mixtures. This is why the main distinctive feature of Latin American women is the lack of a common distinctive feature. They are all different. Still, there are some common reasons why they look for North Americans as prospective husbands.

Life of Women in Latin America

If your associations with Latin America involve nothing but endless carnivals, salsa, hot girls with bronze bodies in bikinis, white beaches, and mojitos, your image of this region is totally wrong. In fact, despite the numerous positive changes in the socio-economic development of these states over the recent years, life is still quite hard there. In particular, in most Latin countries women face the following common problems:

– Disturbing women’s rights. It’s probably the biggest problem of these states. Though some work has been done in this direction, women are still “lesser human beings” in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and other countries. There is still the problem of domestic violence, and in many families, it is considered normal when a husband beats his wife. The sexual and physical violence rate is high in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and other states.

– Yes, nowadays, more and more Latin American girls have the opportunity to get an education, but it is still difficult for them to find a decent job. Almost all key posts in major companies are occupied by men. Women rarely find a good career here. Most local women are housekeepers or low-paid workers.

– This problem is associated with the two previous ones. Women face sexism everywhere – in public transport, at work, in the streets, and at home.

These are the major reasons why Latin girls create profiles on dating sites and express their willingness to move abroad (ideally – to the US or Canada).

Expectations of Latin Women and American Men

In general, Latin brides expect some basic things from marriages with North Americans. In particular, most of them want to get something that they lack in their home countries:

– respect for their rights;

– diverse job opportunities;

– decent living conditions.

This is what most men from North America can provide to their Latin wives and it doesn’t cost them much. In exchange, American men expect to get the following patterns of behavior from their wives – behaviors that are atypical for modern US women:

– focus on homemaking;

– femininity, love, and care;

– children;

– homemade food.

And women are ready to give all of this to men who treat them properly. In fact, Latin women can be incredibly tender, loving, and faithful. They do not strive for leadership in their relationships, but if you treat them as equal partners, they will appreciate it.

What are the Advantages of Latin Women when Compared to Other Nations

According to the reviews of American men from matchmaking websites, it’s not a problem to build relationships with Latin women. In particular, men mention the following advantages of Latin mail-order brides:

– They are easy to understand and easy to communicate with. Unlike Chinese or Japanese women, who can hide their pain and suffering behind a sweet smile, Latina girls are open and emotional.

– They are closer geographically. You don’t need to cross half the globe in order to see your prospective bride (while there is still no guarantee that you will like each other). Latin Americans live much closer and sometimes can easily come to the USA if needed.

– They are closer in terms of their mentality. Of course, they are different from North Americans, but they are different from Asians with their weird rituals and religions too. Most of the Colombian and Brazilian girls are Catholics, and you can’t expect anything unconventional in terms of mentality from them.

As you see, there are many advantages to dating a woman from Latin America. And apart from all this, don’t forget that many of them are very beautiful, alluring, and hot. If you still doubt whether it is worth your time to date a Latin woman, stop doubting! Of course, it is!


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