What Types of Women do Men Look for and Do They Find Them on Dating Sites!


Is There an Ideal Woman?

Love is one of the most mysterious feelings in the world. We often can’t explain why we choose this or that person. We fall in love suddenly, unpredictably, and very often the object of our love is far from that ideal picture that we had drawn in our minds before. Nevertheless, we like to calculate and measure everything, even those things that are immeasurable. Even though love, of course, can’t be measured, there are tools that allow us to collect some statistical data and draw up a magical formula for love. There had been numerous attempts to derive this formula. One of latest attempts was made by psychologists who analyzed thousands of portfolios on some major dating sites and millions of inquiries made by both men and women, looking for soulmates or life partners. Based on the results of this analysis, the researchers have made a “portrait” of a hypothetical ideal woman, one that the majority of men look for. Quite logically, this hypothetical woman must be the sort of woman that men easily fall in love with.

The “Formula” of an Ideal Woman

Having analyzed portfolios and behavior of several thousand of American men on major dating sites, including international dating sites, the researchers have come to the conclusion that the most sought-after woman looks like the following:

– She is a brunette with long straight hair, brown or golden eyes, naturally tanned skin, long slender legs, plush lips and a beautiful straight nose.

– She is of average height; well-shaped, but not skinny! She has nice full breasts and round hips. This type of figure is typical for many Latin and some Indian mail-order brides, which are getting more and more popular for men.

– She is educated, but not too smart. Most men choosing between a school teacher and an effective manager of a major corporation will opt for the first one.

– She is oriented to homemaking and family values, and at the same time she has many hobbies, and she is an interesting person to talk to.

– She loves children and is a loving mother, and at the same time, she is a passionate lover, who is ready to have sex at any time of day. She enthusiastically meets any experiments in bed, but she is faithful and completely indifferent to other men.

– She doesn’t spend much money on different “girl stuff” – cosmetics, dresses, perfumes, and so on, but she always looks good.

– She is kind-hearted, hard-working, and at the same time tender, intelligent, and modest.

Do you think this ideal woman exists somewhere? Of course, not. There are too many opposing forces in the descriptions above. And men, choosing among these parameters, find girls who match just some of them. But as psychologists say, we don’t need an ideal person in real life. After all, we fall in love not with the perfection, but with real people who have their own positive and negative features.

What Women do Men Really Choose

Still, one woman is more successful on dating sites than others, even if we put aside such criteria as age and appearance. You may be surprised, but it happens that young and beautiful girls stay single, while not as attractive women enjoy enormous popularity. What’s the secret? Dating experts say that men typically make their choice in accordance with the following principles:

– They try to avoid women that are more successful than they are. This also relates to smarter, stronger, more educated, and very beautiful girls. Most men simply don’t feel confident with such women.

– Men opt for women with a good sense of humor. If a girl is too serious or too reserved, men don’t feel very comfortable. They like open-hearted girls, who are merry and easy to talk to. At the same time, there is the other extreme: the woman is too talkative, noisy, and obtrusive. Men frequently get annoyed with her very quickly after meeting.

– Men opt for naturalness. Of course, some skillful women create an effect that looks completely natural with the help of expensive makeup, but if you don’t know how to do it correctly, don’t try to. As a common rule of thumb, men don’t like girls using tons of cosmetics and liters of perfumes.

– Finally, men opt for girls with a healthy attitude to their sexual life. Yes, men like having sex, and moreover, they like to talk about it. If a woman is too timid or reserved to touch the topic of sex, chances are, she won’t be able to attract and hold men. A good example of healthy sexuality is a typical Latin woman, who is not ashamed of her body and who likes to be alluring and tempting. For this reason, the marriage rate for Colombian brides is high.

Of course, there are a lot of other nuances that one should consider. But anyway, you can’t consider everything. As we had been mentioned in the very beginning, love is a mysterious and strange thing, and nobody can really predict who he or she will fall in love with. So, even if your features and qualities are far from perfect, you still need to try your luck at one of the dating websites. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is waiting for you right now.


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