Why European Women Look for Husbands Abroad and What They Expect from Men!


An Overall Look for Brides Order Services

Services of so-called mail-order of brides are quite popular. Thousands of happy couples worldwide confirm their efficacy. The number of users of such services is growing from year to year.

There is a common belief that participants of these services are well-off men from the USA, Canada, or Western Europe and women from “third world” countries. To a certain degree this is true – the goal of the majority women and girls, who agree to become “brides” on mail-order sites, is to find a man with a decent income from a civilized country and to improve their living conditions and life quality in general. Together with economic security, most of them also hope to find a soulmate. However, there are a variety of different circumstances.

Women from European Countries – What are They Like?

As a rule, women from European countries don’t seek high incomes or huge bank accounts from foreign men they date. Highly developed countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy and others offer a lot of opportunities to their citizens. Young women living in these regions are usually well-educated, independent, and have a pro-active approach to life. Many of them do not get married early. Nowadays, there are more and more beautiful, successful, and intelligent women who stay single up to the age of 30 and even longer. And this is not due to a lack of men around them. Staying single and focusing on their career is their choice. By the way, the same can be said about men: they more and more often prefer not to get married at all or marry in the second half of their life.

You may wonder why on earth these really chic women sign up for online dating agencies. In reality, if you open any “mail-order” catalog of brides, you’ll find a section like Swedish mail-order brides or Spanish brides.

There are several answers to this question:

– This is their own will. It can sound strange, but let’s remember that modern European women are free of prejudices and complexes. They do what they want. They like experimenting, traveling, learning something new… well, why not “try” a man, living halfway the globe? It’s exciting, unusual, and interesting.

– A lack of time for real acquaintances. People are always busy, and young, successful ladies, building their career can be really busy all day long. They don’t have the time or the desire to go out every day in order to meet their soulmate somewhere. For many of them, the Internet becomes the only real chance of finding a decent life partner without the hassle. Why mail-order, and why abroad? Well, why not? Mail-order services practice account verification and many of them require a minimum confirmed income from men, so the chances of meeting a decent man are higher.

– There is a lack of men around them. Not all European women live in big cities and not all of them have many friends. There are many villages and small towns all around Europe, and the number of women there is commonly much greater than the number of men.

What Can I Expect from a European Bride

First of all don’t expect that she will idolize you like, for example, African mail-order brides might. Europeans are different. They are independent; they are proud of their nation and their history; they don’t live in poverty. A bride from Sweden is not going to be your domestic servant or a cook-housekeeper. She will be your equal partner, friend, and lover.

However, this doesn’t mean that women from Europe are bad wives because they think of their career and entertainment only. Of course, not. They are tender and careful mothers, passionate lovers, and good housekeepers. Many of them are great cooks and have fun experimenting with cooking. Moreover, they are interesting to talk with and have diverse hobbies and skills.

Choosing a woman from one of the European countries as a bride, you make a great choice. If you need a wife, not a housekeeper, consider the possibility of finding a girl from Spain, Italy or Scandinavian countries.

How to get acquainted with a woman from Europe

The simplest and the most secure method for finding a bride from your chosen European country is one of the trusted brides’ mail-order web agencies such as Victoria Brides and similar platforms, specializing in the European direction. By choosing a reliable agency, you get the following benefits:

– The lowest risk of scamming; all of the accounts undergo compulsory verification.

– Access to a lot of portfolios of real girls who really want to find a man like you.

– Flexible options: the possibility of setting up a lot of parameters in the built-in filter.

– A variety of communication channels – text messages, live chats, the possibility to attach files, and so on.

A lot of hot women from different countries are waiting for your attention right now. Choose your favorite site and start chatting!


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