Women from Different Countries and Marriage: Who are the Best Wives!


Every time a man and a woman from different cultures try to build a family, they inevitable face some difficulties associated with different attitudes toward family life, different marital values, different traditions, and so on. Sometimes these differences are minor and easily settled. In other cases, they can become a reason for serious conflicts and even divorce. To avoid unexpected problems and surprises, it’s better to learn about each other’s national traditions in advance. The popularity of international and interracial marriages is increasing so this issue is of greater importance today. In particular, men often underestimate or overestimate women from other countries, which results in an unsuccessful marital experience.

American Wives – What are They Like

Over the last years, many American men choose brides from other nations. Does it mean that American women are bad wives? Not exactly, but more and more men notice the following:

– Girls and women from the USA are usually focused more on their careers rather than their families.

– They are too emancipated and independent, which irritates many men.

– They often are not feminine enough and tend to use unisex styles.

For these reasons many Americans today choose brides of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, or some other exotic country. However, there are two sides to every coin. American women, whoever they are, have some positive features. Firstly, they are familiar, and you know what you can expect from them. Secondly, they grew up in the same culture as you did and have approximately the same mentality. Thirdly, they value your rights and in most cases are not going to walk all over you.

Slavonic Wives – Their Advantages and Disadvantages

When we say “Slavonic women,” we usually mean Russians and Ukrainians, and sometimes Belarusians. Traditionally, all of them are considered perfect wives: beautiful, home-oriented, hard-working, and kind-hearted. Certainly, this statement is not unreasoned. The sexual revolution, that occurred in the West in the middle of the past century, reached these countries much later. Though nowadays the influence of Western culture and Western lifestyle is quite prominent and this influence has probably changed these cultures more than one generation should. Russian and Ukrainian women are really good wives, but you must be prepared for some of their specific character features:

Hot Russian brides like to keep up with fashion; they need fashionable clothes and good cosmetics to feel happy. They like visiting beauty salons, cosmetologists, spas, and so on. And many of them expect that it is the husband who pays for it. This is just a part of their mentality.

– Slavonic women lack the moderateness and obedience of Asian (Filipino, Thai) girls. They are quite independent and educated. Be ready for these women to demonstrate their own will.

Asian Wives – What Can You Expect from Them

Americans choose Asian wives for many reasons: a unique beauty, mild nature, meek disposition, and mutual love. However, here again every nation has its own features and specific characteristics that one should consider in order to have healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Chinese, and especially Japanese girls, are taught to hide their true emotions. You’ll have to get accustomed to the fact that a tranquil voice and a propitious smile are not indicators of satisfaction and peace of mind. You’ll have to solve riddles again and again if you want understand the true feelings of your soulmate.

– Most Indians are avid Buddhists. Don’t be surprised when it turns out that your bride is a vegetarian, and disallows eating beef, as the cow is a sacred animal.

– If you like home cooking, take into consideration that Asian cuisine is very specific (though you must be aware of it anyway). For Europeans and Americans, it might be too exotic. Asian cuisine utilizes many spices, raw fish, exotic kinds of meat, and vegetables – are you sure you want to consume this on a regular basis?

Moreover, Asian women can have very specific ideas about housekeeping. For example, brides from China, Taiwan, and Thailand often don’t care about cleaning and washing too much – they are tolerant of dirt and dust. And don’t forget about the numerous eating rituals.

Latin Women – What’s Specific about Them

Women from Latin American countries are the closest to Americans in terms of their mentality and lifestyle. Yes, to a certain extent it is really so. At least, the majority of Latin and South Americans are Catholics. Commonly, they don’t have any weird rituals or strange traditions. However, some national features sometime make it difficult for them to find common ground with foreign men.

Many Latin (Brazil, Colombian, Mexican) women are hot-tempered and emotional. Sometimes it results in a mad jealousy or juicy scandals. At the same time they can skillfully provoke jealousy in men because they are flirtatious by nature. Latins are probably the most alluring females in the world. If you want a Brazilian girl to belong to you only, you need to show her your admiration and love every day.

There is no single opinion about what women make the best wives. Tastes differ, and everyone is different. Undoubtedly, every nation has something to be proud of. At the same time, you need to consider a lot of small nuances when you start communicating with a woman from other culture.


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