Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which we have gathered from recurrent and trending queries received on a regular basis from members.  We want to ensure you have absolutely all relevant information before you embark on your voyage of discovery with ratedbrides.com so if you still have queries then get in touch

I know I have to pay to use the site but how does it actually work?

Standard membership is free but you cannot gain entry all site areas, typically VIP and Premium are not authorised.  Upgrade your membership to obtain the all-inclusive experience.  Register your Visa card following which you can buy credits.  Costs are clearly flagged across different sections.  You can use credits to chat to the girls and access other registered contractors

Can I just purchase a mail order bride?

In simple terms, no.  This is similar to online dating except for the girl’s desire marriage rather than casual affairs.  Most girls on the site also have quite a clear idea on the man they are looking for to make that perfect match.  Experience far fewer timewasters and focus on women who share your goals and ambitions

How do I arrange to meet a girl?

All face to face encounters must be arranged through  ratedbrides.com for the safekeeping of both members. This is called a ‘Romance Tour’ and is a great way to safely meet in person and litmus test your depth of feelings.   Ratedbrides.com co-ordinate all the arrangements

Which country has the best mail order brides?

That is a tricky question and really hinges on your own taste and personal preferences.  All the girls on  ratedbrides.com are cherry-picked, they are nubile and eligible-each one brings something unique.  Popularity amongst mail order brides tends to be contingent on other factors such as language barriers and societal dissimilarities

Do you keep stats on successful outcomes?

We always want to hear about happy endings, check out the blog to stay in touch, you could be our next joyous feature!  We are presently compiling data on unions successfully clinched through  ratedbrides.com to see if we can identify any patterns or fashions

How do I open a dialogue with a mail order bride that I am attracted to?

Just be yourself.  Be open, sincere, straightforward and friendly.  Try to let her dictate the pace and remain attentive. The golden rule is to treat any prospective bride in the way you want to be treated.

Should I chat with more than one girl at a time?

There is no reason why you can’t chat to two or three girls in the early stages.  Once you get to know them, if there is a clear favourite then it is respectful to just confine your attention to her. After all, you would like her to focus entirely on your so return the compliment.  It’s no different to real life dating

What is the quality of the girls like?

Take a look, we hand-pick only the very best from across the globe for your delectation and delight

Do you offer any promises or assurances about the credibility and status of the girls?

You need to conduct your own investigations and appraisal just as you would if you had met in person on holiday, for example.  Don’t be too hasty, find out about her gradually.  Some mail order brides are naturally more cautious and reticent than others of she could just be plain shy

What if the mail order bride I am interested in does not speak English?

English is the most commonly spoken tongue in the world today.  However, you may find that your chosen beauty is not as fluent as you so take advantage of our interpreter service

Why are Russian and Ukrainian women so popular?

It’s staring you right in the face!  But apart from their supermodel appearance, they actually major on old-fashioned family values and really spend time looking after themselves.  Personal presentation is a big thing for Russian and Ukrainian women.  They represent a truly supreme mix of European excellence with an opinion and perspective towards men that have long since fallen out of favour, no wonder they are so highly prized

If Russian and Ukrainian women are so top drawer, why are they looking for a mail order marriage?

Contrary to popular opinion in the media, they are not gold diggers, on the hunt for a fat wallet.  There are more women per head of population than men in the former Soviet Union so opportunities for good males are scarce.  Also, Slavic men can be chauvinistic and a little primitive in how they treat women, no wonder they look elsewhere!  The political changes and new freedoms following the break up of the former Soviet Union have allowed these women to scan the horizon are realise how much more is on offer elsewhere

There are loads of free sites, why should I use yours if I have to pay?

Unfortunately, the best things in life are certainly not free when it comes to mail order brides.  The only way these sites can exist is by attempting to profit from your romantic intentions and that usually means some sort of scam.  They will lure you in on the basis of no payment and then slowly you will be asked to dip into your pocket.  The women may not be real and they will try and plunder your bank account

Is it appropriate to bestow gifts on a potential bride or even send money?

Never, ever respond to a request to send money, this should set alarm bells ringing in your head.  Small, symbolic gifts may be appropriate a little further down the line, as in any flowering relationship but keep them subtle and conventional, never suggestive or tacky

Am I guaranteed success on your site?

No-one can foresee the result of mutual attraction and that invisible chemistry between two people.  What we can guarantee you is hoards of stunning international women who are looking for the same thing as you, supported by our wealth of experience and expertise and a truly legitimate operation

What if I get into an argument or have a misunderstanding with a possible mail order bride?

Ratedbrides.com will not get involved in your love affair, after all, three’s a crowd! Think of us as a facilitator, a portal into a confectionery shop crammed with tasty offerings. How you conduct the relationship is entirely up to you and that includes managing all the lows and the many inevitable highs.  However, if you think a bride is illegal or fake or you are being asked for money, then let us know right away

You read so much about mail order brides being nothing but a scam, are there any genuine women out there?

Yes, there are loads but you need to study the industry first so you are informed.  Be cautious, follow our Safety Guide and you won’t go wrong.  Like any online service, there is always the potential for deceit or criminals looking to prey on people so you need to filter just as you would with any other internet-based transaction.  Don’t abandon your ideals but keep one foot firmly rooted in reality. Partner with  ratedbrides.com and we will steer you to the woman of your dreams

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