Privacy Policy

Privacy is really important to us and we understand just how crucial it is to you too.  Our Privacy Policy is always available on the website for you to view and any changes or alterations are uploaded with immediate effect so the current Privacy Policy is always live.

All the data we retain about you and which can identify you are subject to the most stringent security measures.  There is also lots of analysis we do on site traffic, profile hits, time and date of search, the popularity of certain nationalities, advertising strikes and that is all anonymous.  We crunch these statistics in order to understand interest levels, what drives visitor traffic and where we can uplift the service to meet expectations.  All of this data is collected via servers and browsers and no one individual can be identified from it.

Personal Identifiable Data

Your own personal data – email address, mobile number, card details, residential address and any images of you – we store with the maximum security.  Our employees have access to your Personal Identifiable Data and are required by our confidentiality policy never to divulge it.  PIL is never released or sold to a third party unless we are ordered to disclose information to a law enforcement agency.

The Use of Cookies

We do use cookies on the site to gather information about your visit and which locations you have looked at on and for how long.  These analytics enable us to understand a little more what your requirements might be and together with data gathered from other users, provide the best and most relevant service for our users’ needs and preferences.

A warning will come up when you access the site stating that we use cookies and requesting your permission to track your movements via cookies.  You can indicate at this point your acceptance or declinature.  You can also change your browser settings so cookies are never added or clear them out by deleting your browsing history.  We like to use cookies to optimise your service and experience and to anticipate your requirements but you are always at liberty to opt out of this.

Third Party activity

Some of our suppliers advertising and providing services on may use cookies to understand the pattern of traffic to best serve their business interests.  Third party use of cookies is not something we can control, we only administer our own cookies on the site and retain the information they generate.  Likewise, if you follow a clickable link on to a fresh site, we cannot offer any guarantee as for the safety and security of any of your information.

Help yourself stay protected

In our Safety Guide, we offer some invaluable tips to staying safe online and protecting your personal data.

  • Never share your log in details or password with anyone

Always close down your session when you have finished particularly if you are using a shared computer, a public computer or a computer in a public or work location

Do not reveal your personal details – full name, date of birth, home and work address, mobile number, email address – in any messaging service or communications on the site despite the credibility of the request

If needs to contact you by email, we will confirm your user ID in our message so you can be certain that is a genuine communication and not phishing

  • If you suspect that your account has been hacked or someone else has gained access to your details, you must let us know immediately

Suspension and deletion has the facility to either suspend or delete your account details.  This may be at either your instigation or ours.

If there is a problem or dispute your account may be suspended.  Equally, if you suspect that your account is not secure due to third party interference, we can suspend it thus ensuring your data is protected whilst investigations are ongoing.

You may request suspension of your account or you can ask to have your PIL deleted if you choose to leave permanently.  All PIL will be permanently removed within 28 days following the termination of your account. holds information in accordance with applicable legislation and seeks at all to protect PIL from security breaches and cybercrime.  Whilst we make every endeavour to keep safe personal information, cannot guarantee that there will never be an occasion when security is violated by a third party or some external factor.

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