Safety Tips

Any online service will inevitably attract a mix of both the genuine and the criminally dishonest.  By following a few key rules, you can stay perfectly safe online with and find yourself the perfect bride.

Take a read through our invaluable Safety Guide.

  • Never post personal information publicly irrespective of how well you have got to know someone.  Check your privacy settings from time and time and make sure you are secure
  • Once you start chatting with someone, check out her Facebook profile and also verify the image to make sure it is not in use repeatedly elsewhere online as a library picture.  If the image appears in other locations then the profile will be fake.  Some good sites offer a verification process which means that the loaded photos have been checked out as real
  • Reveal information about yourself only in very general terms to start with.  State your current country of occupation and the general area-don’t be specific about where you live or your employer.  Gradually introduce more detail as the relationship progresses
  •     Try and proceed at the sort of speed you would do if this person were down the road rather than on the end of a website.  It is tempting to get carried away in an email or messaging service and end up revealing far more information than you would ever say to someone that you were seeing face to face.  See that trap for the hazard it is and don’t get carried away
  • Suggest a video link chat or Skype call fairly early on.  Apart from providing you with some real-time feedback about this woman, anyone who is fake won’t agree to this
  • NEVER give out financial information under any circumstances.  Most scammers will push for this quite early on and are easy to spot but there are a few who are prepared to wait and cultivate a man over a period of weeks.  Don’t let your guard down!  Never give financial information to anyone or be tempted to send money under any circumstances.  If you do, the woman you have been connecting with will likely disappear immediately.  Her profile will be fake and you may not even have been talking to a female
  • Another popular ruse is to lure you on with the promise of more explicit photos and videos on a better/different site.  Don’t fall for it.  Is your perfect bride really the sort of woman who will behave like this?
  • Beware of long online chats if you are paying per minute.  Confine yourself to several conversations of reasonable duration and cost.  Chatting for hours is another way to lighten the wallet of prospective marriage partners and is just a softer scam dressed up in frills and lace
  • Don’t put on a fake or false profile to protect yourself.  Whilst initially this may seem like a good idea until you get to know someone well, it will invariably backfire.  Treat the lady with the same honesty that you want and deserve from her.  If the relationship progresses, you will end up having to reveal your hand and your possible bride will most likely drop you as a result.  Fidelity and commitment are key as is transparency
  • Don’t view caution and a more measured response with suspicion and as an indicator that this possible bride is disinterested.  Mail order brides are also seeking to protect themselves from unscrupulous mail suitors
  • Always have the first meeting in a public location that is neutral and not necessarily close to your home or place of work
  • Buddy up with a good friend and take them into your confidence.  Give them carte blanche to step in and guide you if things are getting carried away
  • Always remember the golden rule, which is, if it sounds too good to be true then, as, with most things in life, it probably is.  Listen to your inner voice, don’t ignore doubts or feelings of uncertainty
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