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By subscribing to ratedbrides.com, you agree to comply with and accept all the Terms and Conditions set out below.  These may be varied from time to time at the discretion of ratedbrides.com without prior notification.  If you are not happy to accept the specified terms and conditions without exception then you will not be permitted entry.


  • All users must be over the age of 18 regardless of their nationality or current country of residence.  By signing up to ratedbrides.com, you are confirming that you are 18 years or older
  • You must be free to engage in a relationship with a mail order bride for which marriage is a plausible outcome, therefore you must be either single or legally separated or divorced from a previous spouse
  • Ratedbrides.com will not accept applications from those with a criminal record consisting of but not limited to offences surrounding domestic violence or assault, stalking, harassment or multiple drug or alcohol related convictions


  • To join the site, you will need a valid email address and password.  A verification email will be sent to you containing a link allowing you to complete the registration process.  Your membership is reviewed by ratedbrides.com before approval is grantedA mobile number will be required as part of the account registration.  This is used on occasion as an additional security layer, for instance, when accessing your account from a new/different device.  You will only be contacted by ratedbrides.com via email, we will never call your mobile number but we send you texts
  • You create a user name which must be unique and cannot be obscene, racist or offensive in any other way.  Any members found with fake names or attempting to impersonate others will have their membership cancelled within 24 hours


  • As a member, you only are solely responsible for the content that you post on the site
  • By accepting our terms and conditions, you implicitly warrant that the information you provide is correct and true, up to date and accurate
  • You undertake not to include actual contact information such as email, mobile phone number and residential or business addresses in your personal profile or subsequent messaging.  Any such information will be subject to moderation and removed
  • Ratedbrides.com reserves the right to erase content at any time if it is deemed to be pornographic, illegal, racist, offensive, causing incitement to commit an illegal act or in any other way transgresses the policies and procedures of ratedbrides.com in force at the time
  • Standard membership provides access to designated parts of the website.  Other areas are restricted and demand a premium or VIP level of membership.  Subscription packages, entitlements and charges are all available to view on the ‘Choose my Membership’ page
  • Ratedbrides.com operates its own currency system.  Credits are purchased to a value to allow engagement with different member services.  The credit system is not legal tender in any jurisdiction and should not be viewed as such, it is merely a token structure to facilitate the exchange of information and services between members and third parties
  • Credits are provided at our discretion, there is no automatic entitlement.  Allocation of credits may be withheld for a number of reasons including inappropriate behaviour resulting in an investigation or any other circumstance which ratedbrides.com views as pertaining to the safe and successful running of the site
  • All requests to meet members must be initiated and organised via ratedbrides.com
  • All engagement with other members is conducted wholly at your own risk.  ratedbrides.com offers no guarantee as to the authenticity or otherwise of users on the site, any assurances of a minimum standard of behaviour or accuracy of descriptions, nationality or legal status
  • Stalking or harassment by any member will result in immediate cessation of membership
  • Ratedbrides.com does not conduct any nationality checks and cannot confirm or otherwise validate the eligibility of any member to travel overseas, obtain visas or any other documentation related to immigration or citizenship status
  • Members have the option to post reviews about other members and also rate photographs.  Whilst text may be moderated for profanities, defamatory statements, abusive or offensive language and racism, ratedbrides.com has no control over or right of sanction on what one member might write about another.  Members are free to express their views within the established and described parameters
  • Ratedbrides.com is not obliged to remove any information at the express request of a member unless it contravenes our stated policies
  • Ratedbrides.com reserves the right to conduct an investigation into any members who are suspected of being imposters or fraudulently representing themselves on the site.  Any member indulging in criminal activity will have their membership terminated and will be reported where necessary to the appropriate law enforcement agencies
  • We reserve the right to screen any member at any time
  • Services on this site are for private use only and not for commercial or business gain or exploitation
  • Individual members are completely responsible for their interaction with others on the site.  Ratedbrides.com does not offer any form of brokerage, counselling, reconciliation or dispute resolution between parties under any circumstances and cannot help you recover any financial loss you may suffer as a consequenceMembership is only offered on this strict proviso
  • Ratedbrides.com does not in any way guarantee a successful conclusion to any membership including long-term relationships or marriage or claim that results will be achieved within a defined timeframe
  • You are totally responsible for your use of the site and collaboration with other users.  Always exercise caution when dealing with people who are unknown to you and never send money despite the believable and seemingly honest nature of the appeal.  Read our Safety Tips for the best way to stay safe online
  • You may not use the connection with and introduction to other members to promote your business, solicit, advertise or sell items or services
  • Messaging content, live chat and the dialogue of phone calls are monitored continuously to ensure the quality of service and compliance with ratedbrides.com’s protocols.  We will also test the site by using staff to create profiles which are concealed to appear as real and which test member conduct and the performance of services
  • For the protection of members and to ensure the ongoing provision of top quality service, any membership that remains inactive for a period of 12 weeks or longer will automatically lapse.  You will receive notification one week beforehand by email that your membership is due to be terminated.  This will include the forfeit of any current credit balance on your account
  • We reserve the right to use member information including general content, pictorial representations and reviews for advertising and publicity purposes.  If you do not wish us to do this, you may opt out either at the point of registration or any time after your membership has gone live.  Our Privacy Policy explains more how about we may use your particulars
  • Ratedbrides.com also incorporates third-party services such as gift companies and translators as part of its service provision.  Members use the services entirely at their own risk and discretion, ratedbrides.com offer no guarantee as to the veracity or otherwise of third party suppliers
  • Membership of ratedbrides.com automatically deems acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions and any later alterations or amendments


  • You may terminate your account at any time by contacting our customer service support team
  • Ratedbrides.com may terminate your account without prior notice for any breach of the rules, inappropriate behaviour or criminal acts.  Accounts are sometimes suspended pending investigation or in some cases, immediately closed
  • Any member found to be providing false information will have their account discontinued.  Members may be asked to provide evidence of fact-based assertions or claims made online as part of their account information and portrayal


  • Security of information and data is very important to us.  Our Privacy Policy is available to read here
  • We make every effort to protect the site from cyber attack and online hackers but in the event of a breach, ratedbrides.com is liable for any loss of data or other consequential damage resulting from a violation or leak
  • All communications are encrypted including financial processes but ratedbrides.com do not guarantee that every email or transaction is 100% secure or private as these can be affected by broader internet issues beyond our control
  • Always take care if accessing your account from a public or shared device.  Ratedbrides.com does not accept any responsibility or liability for the security of your log in details or the protection offered by the devices you use to access your member account
  • You may not permit someone else to use your membership account, this will result in immediate termination of membership.  If your account is violated, you should inform us immediately.  Accounts may be suspended to protect members whilst enquiries are in train
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