African Brides – are You Really Ready to Add Some Exotic to Your Life!


Africa: General Description

Africa entered the market of international dating services quite recently for a number of geographical, political, social, and cultural reasons. The so-called black continent has traditionally stood apart from the rest world. There is a noticeable lag between the socio-economic development of Africa and Europe, America, and even Asia. Just imagine that a good half of the entire continent is still not covered by the Internet. More than that, a lot of families, especially those living in rural areas, still don’t have even basic appliances. For many of them, computers and the Internet are things from another universe. Still, the situation is starting to change a little. Together with the civilization that has come to many regions of Africa, new ideas and new mentalities are on their way. Modern African girls and women strive to change their lives for the better. And frequently, the only acceptable variant for them is marrying a Western man (usually, an American).

African Brides: What Are They Like

If you want to add a real exotic element to your everyday life, you may be interested in bride price Africa. In fact, a lot of African girls and young women post their portfolios in mail-order services. In the catalogs, you can find brides from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and some other countries of the black continent. But before choosing a hot young girl for marriage, you need to consider some basic facts.

– The majority of African women apply for mail-order-services because they are striving to change their life for the better. Many of them have to live in poverty, and marriage is the only real chance for them to improve their living conditions and the living conditions of their families. However, it doesn’t mean they are ready for anything. They will choose a partner as other mail-order brides would: if the feelings are mutual.

– If you marry an African girl, be ready for the fact that she won’t have any education and won’t have a desire to get one. The mentality of people changes very slowly, and several generations should pass before the value of education is accepted across the African nations.

– African women have a lot of positive qualities that are not typical for western ladies. They are modest, unassuming, obedient and hard-working. At the same time, you must be prepared for the fact that they are absolutely different from you. Some of their habits and manners will seem shocking to you.

If you want to know your prospective bride better, psychologists recommend meeting several times before you become husband and wife, or they even suggest living together for some period of time. However, if you manage to find common ground with a woman from the Ivory Coast or Ethiopia, you may be sure that you’ve found a great wife – patient, faithful, and trustful. These women are great lovers and loving mothers. They are completely focused on the family in order to satisfy her husband.

How to Organize a Trip to Africa

When dating an African woman, you’ll need to travel to her home country at least once. In most cases, the dating agency can become an organizer, but of course, this service is paid. No matter whether you are going to an African country by yourself or via an agency, you need to take care of a lot of things in advance.

– If you are flying from the USA, you’ll need to get a tourist visa and buy a return ticket. Keep in mind that your passport needs to be valid for at least six months.

– Think of your protection and safety. Though many African countries are quite peaceful today, there is always the risk of encountering hostile locals. The work of law enforcement bodies in Africa is far from ideal, and you can’t rely on them completely. Another danger is wild animals, venomous spiders, and snakes. If you don’t know how to watch out for them and protect yourself from them, you are at risk. For ensuring safety, specialists recommend hiring an experienced guide.

– Don’t forget that for visiting many countries you need to have a vaccination certificate. When you return to your homeland, you’ll need this certificate again.

– Be prepared for a severe climate change. Everyone knows that it is hot in Africa, but few people really imagine how hot it is. You will feel it when you move away from the coast and deeper into the continental part of the country.

– Be cautious about food and water. Don’t consume anything if you don’t know for sure what it is. Consult your guide if you have any doubts.

Marrying an African woman is an exotic decision; African brides are much more exotic than brides in China. It is not for everyone. But if you feel that a wife from Africa is what you really need, then try to find a girl from one of the African countries. By the way, many Africans are really beautiful – with a skin color from chocolate to almost black, thick wavy hair and muscular, flexible bodies. Their hotness and naturalness attract thousands of men from Western countries, including the USA. If you feel that you can make one of these beautiful girls happier, why not do it?


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