Online International Dating as a Simple Way of Finding a Match Abroad.


The History of International Dating

Matrimonial services have a long history. Matchmakers or so-called “marriage brokers” have existed for ages in different countries around the world under different names. They have been collecting data from single and eligible girls and the men who would like to find a bride. For some fee (commonly charged to the men), matchmakers play Cupid for potential husbands and wives. As a result, they could potentially get married (if they liked each other) or they may choose not to get married. However, in ancient times, girls often had no voice in making this decision. As a rule, their parents decided for them.

International dating services, known as mail-order brides services, first emerged in America in the 19th century. Adventurers, who came to the West in search of wealth and success, found that there were very few women around them once they arrived. As for most of them, the way back to the Old World was closed, they had to look wives among the locals or… write to women from abroad, usually from Asia. So Asian mail-order brides appeared in the USA. Though many years have passed since those times, the term “mail-order” in reference to foreign brides has persevered and is still widely used today.

Modern International Dating Services

As of today, interracial marriages have changed beyond recognition, though somewhere deep inside their essence has stayed the same. The main task of any agency of this type is to gather as many portfolios of single people looking for partners as possible and then help them meet each other while getting a fee for their matchmaking services. Moreover, the main trend has also stayed unchanged. Most of these agencies, which are still called “mail-order,” are focused on pairing girls from “third world” countries and well-off, usually Western, men – Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Australians.

But what has changed then? First of all, these bride sites are a set of tools. Today, nobody sends letters on paper in envelopes and waits for an answer for long weeks. Everything is much simpler: every matchmaking agency has a website, where the candidates’ portfolios with photos (sometimes even videos) and descriptions are collected. One can look through photos and choose a prospective partner. But to get the contact details of a candidate, one will most likely pay a moderate fee to the agency. If everything else is okay, a man and a woman can communicate using a variety of modern online channels – from text messaging and e-mails to video chats.

The second thing that has changed is the coverage of the world’s nations. Modern online dating trends have captured almost the entire world and at least those countries where people have free access to the Internet and don’t break any laws by communicating with foreigners. Even remote regions, such as Philippines, South India and Africa, are involved.

The third thing that has changed is the diversity of services provided. Initially, there was only one possible scenario: women “sold” their portfolios to agencies, while men chose and “ordered” the brides like inanimate objects. Of course, today every woman decides for herself whether to start dating this man or that man or no man. Moreover, women can become initiators of relationships and even “order” husbands for themselves.

Finally, due to modern technological developments, the entire process has become faster, simpler, and more efficient. In the nineteenth century epistolary intercourse could last for years before a man and a woman met in real life. Today everything happens online. A couple can talk using video chat (for example via Skype) for a couple of minutes just after the first contact. Real meetings also have become more available due to regular international air traffic.

Benefits of Finding a Partner from Abroad via an Online Dating Service

Intermarriage is getting more and more popular. Though some people really don’t understand why on earth they need to look for a foreign partner, others have weighty reasons for their choice.

Here are just a few benefits of marrying a foreigner:

– A chance to learn a new culture and a new language and to visit a new country. If you are the kind of person who likes moving, meeting new people, and seeing new places, it’s just what you need.

– Frequently, it is an opportunity to get dual-citizenship. This is of particular importance for women from countries with poor and unstable economics. The chance of swapping their residence for American or Europen ones fills them with hope.

– Men often mention the fantastic beauty of women from exotic countries. They look completely different from Western girls, and a lot of men like it. Moreover, intermarriage often results in very beautiful and talented children.

– Finally, it is a very interesting and exciting life experience. Even if you don’t find a soulmate, an experience of communicating with people living halfway across the globe is priceless. After all, you can still stay friends, which is also a great outcome.

As of today, the simplest and the fastest method of finding a partner living in another country is via an online matchmaking agency. Firstly, it is swift. Secondly, it is secure. And thirdly, it takes minimum time and effort. Yes, you’ll have to pay some money for getting access to candidates, but just imagine how much you would spend if you had to go abroad and find a partner by yourself… Actually, the fee of most agencies is rather small, while the chances of finding a real bride or a husband are high. The Internet offers many opportunities and international communication is one of them.


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