Slavonic Women: Why are They So Attractive for Men from All over the World!


If you ask any man a question where, in his mind, the most beautiful women live, chances are that in 50% of the cases the answer will be “Russia” or “Ukraine” or “Eastern Europe,” Of course, tastes differ, and there are men who would opt for a South Indian bride, but still, many people around the world believe that Slavonic women are special and very attractive. Why are they so hot and tempting? Let’s try to find out.

Is it Appearance that Matters?

Though many people speak about the beauty of Russian girls, there is no certain, single characteristic, describing the look of a typical Russian or Ukrainian woman. The fact is that they are very different – from blue-eyed blondes to brown-eyed brunettes. They can have a naturally tanned or milk-white skin, be tall or short. But there is still something that attracts men so much.

Usually, men themselves mention the following criteria of Slavonic girls’ beauty:

– There are a lot of girls in Russia and Ukraine whose beauty is innate. Healthy complexion, thick natural hair, clean skin, and naturally white teeth are indicators of strong physical health. These features look much more sexual than the beauty obtained as a result of cosmetologists’ and dentists’ work.

– A good shape. Modern Russian and Ukrainian girls try to keep their figure by leading a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, they are rarely as skinny as a rake. A typical Russian girl has alluring curves that make her so tempting and attractive to the opposite sex.

– Beautiful clothes and cosmetics. A lot of men also mention that Slavonic girls are much more feminine than women from America and Europe. Few of them choose a unisex style for their clothes and manners. These women like wearing skirts and dresses, high-heeled shoes, and good cosmetics. They like looking attractive for men, and men feel it with their skin.

– On the one hand, Slavonic girls are modest and reserved. On the other hand, they are not embarrassed to show their beauty and their femininity. They don’t demonstrate their sexuality but they don’t hide it either. This combination seems especially attractive to men of all nationalities.

However, it is believed that appearance is not even the most important thing when it comes to female attractiveness. An overall attitude to men, life values, mentality and other aspects also matter.

What are Slavonic Women Like?

Modern Russian and Ukrainian women, without doubt, have some features of both European and Asian people. They are quite open, independent, and well-educated. They often make a good career and hold key positions in major companies or run their own business. They are persistent, hard-working, and sociable. At the same time, the Western sexual revolution has touched them to a lesser extent. There are fewer feminists among them, and women themselves are less emancipated. They are gentler and quieter than Americans, for example. A typical Slavonic woman sees a man as the head of the family and allows him to play the first role in relationships. Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians are to a larger extent focused on homemaking. As a rule, they are faithful and loving wives and excellent mothers.

How to Marry a Slavonic Woman

The popularity of women from the former Soviet Union in Western countries is reflected in the activity of international dating agencies. Nowadays, Russian mail-order brides can be found in catalogs of all leading matchmaking services.

Russia is a big country (Ukraine as well), so in the catalogs of major agencies, one can find thousands of portfolios of real brides, who are eager to find a man from Europe or the USA. Unfortunately, economic situations in Slavonic countries is far from perfect, and many young, charming, and educated girls just can’t make a good career or find a decent life partner who would care for them as they deserve. This is the primary reason why they look for foreigners – marriage helps them shift their residence and change their life for the better.

However, it is not just money and citizenship that make these women marry men from other countries. They appreciate the inner world of the partner as well as his appearance. So if you want to impress a girl from Russia or Ukraine, be courteous and gallant; try to find common interests and care for her personal interests and hobbies. Treat her as a beautiful and tender woman and be rewarded with a loving wife and a reliable partner, who is always there to support and help you.


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