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What is online dating?

If you have ever considered the possibility of marrying a foreign girl then you must have encountered the services of international matchmakers. Companies of this type are all the rage nowadays. Briefly speaking, these online agencies provide services to find matches for single men and women living in different countries. Every agency has its own specialization, for example:

  • Finding sugar daddies for young attractive girls from the regions with unstable economic situations;
  • Ukrainian mail-order brides (finding single girls from this country who would like to get acquainted with Western men). By the way, brides of Ukraine are in great demand in all Western countries, so this direction is one of the most popular ones.
  • Chinese and Indian mail-order brides. Asia is another popular direction for finding women for marriage. These women have a special exotic beauty and they are considered great wives – hardworking, patient, and faithful. More and more men choose beautiful girls from Southeast Asia as life partners.
  • Mexican, Brazilian, and Colombian mail-order brides. Latin girls are the hottest, the merriest and… the closest to Americans and Canadians. This is the reason for their incredible popularity.
  • Italian and Spanish mail-order brides. European brides are slightly less popular for a variety of reasons, but still many online dating companies focus on this direction, and thousands of couples find their happiness every year.

There are some other narrower and more exotic directions of online matchmakers’ activity, but they commonly fall into one of the categories already listed.

Vietnamese mail-order brides – what’s special about them?

If you like girls with Asian type of appearance and want to find a life partner from one of the Asian countries, Vietnam will be one of the best options. Here’s why you should consider this country.

It’s no secret that nowadays the national boundaries gradually disappear and become less prominent. To a large extent, it is the “fault” of the Internet, which opens up access to any information, allowing for the free and instant exchange of opinions, views, and ideas. If some decades ago most Eastern nations were almost completely isolated from the rest world, today they are becoming more and more westernized. Modern Chinese and Indian girls get an education online in one of the world’s major educational institutions. They watch TV and visit international websites. They have access to fashion magazines and social media. As a result, many beautiful brides from Asian countries have few truly Asian features except for their physical appearance.

Vietnam is one of those few countries which managed to preserve its national identity and authenticity. This is explained by a large share of the country’s population living in rural areas and a prevalence of traditional culture and educational methods in most of its regions.

Vietnamese girls are really special. They have a lot of features, which are almost entirely lost in most contemporary societies:

  • Girls from Vietnam are completely oriented to marital life. From their very childhood, they are prepared for the roles of loving wives and caring mothers. They grow up with the thought that family is the most important thing in the world. A Vietnamese wife can put aside everything else if her husband needs her presence and attention at that moment. Are there many girls in your country who can behave in this way on a regular basis?
  • These hot brides are very good cooks. Vietnamese cuisine is special, but rather diverse and tasty. And any Vietnamese girl can cook a lot of dishes at home. It is absolutely normal for her to cook 23 times a day instead of dining out.
  • Vietnamese women are very faithful and devoted to their partners. Marital infidelity is a serious sin for them. Once a Vietnamese girl gets married, the rest of the world’s men don’t exist for her anymore. She throws all her energy into homemaking and making her husband happy. But she will expect the same behavior from her partner, so be ready for that.
  • Women from Vietnam don’t have bad habits. In this country, it is not customary for women to drink alcohol or smoke. By the way, if your bride knows that you abuse alcohol, she will be disappointed.

At the same time, you don’t need to think that Vietnamese girls live in an archaic society. They are neither primitive nor diehard. They are not isolated from the world and know much about living in other countries. Nowadays, a lot of girls from Vietnam get an education abroad and work in high-tech companies.

What do Vietnamese brides for sale look like?

No doubt, when you look through an online catalog with Vietnamese mail-order brides, you expect to see girls with a typical Asian appearance. The beauty of women from Vietnam is special, even exotic, but many of them are really beautiful.

As a rule, Vietnamese girls are small like most Asians. They are almost never overweight – most of them are slim and well-shaped. All Vietnamese are brunettes with glossy black hair and dark eyes. They usually look younger than their real age.

On the front page of any Vietnamese brides for sale, one will find a lot of pictures of sexy brides. However, to write to any of them, it is necessary to fill out a registration form on the site and pay for the premium account or pro account.

What should you consider when choosing a Vietnamese bride?

Every time you try to build relationships with any foreign girl, you need to consider a lot of nuances, which can seem unimportant at first. Sometimes even one small misunderstanding can ruin your relationship before it has the chance to develop.

  • Even if you are an atheist, you need to take into account that your partner can turn out to be a deeply religious person. Though in Vietnam there is no official state religion, a substantial part of the population practices some form of religion. It is not always Buddhism. A lot of people adhere to some traditional beliefs or ideas; this is especially true for the rural population.
  • Language barrier. Be ready for the fact that few Vietnamese brides have good English. A lot of them have only basic knowledge of any European languages, while some of them speak only Vietnamese. It can be a problem if you don’t understand each other because your prospective relations will fail from the very beginning.
  • Every nation has its own traditions and rules of decorum. Every time you start communicating to a foreigner, it’s important to not offend the proprieties. To be sure you behave properly, read about manners and rules accepted in Vietnam. And don’t be shy to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Keep in mind that this is a delicate matter, and even a sincere compliment sometimes can be estimated as an offence.

Beware of scams – important safety measures

Many online dating agencies give many opportunities to all types of swindlers. Looking through the photos of sexy brides, beware that there are some fake profiles, controlled by dishonest people. It doesn’t matter whether if you’re looking for free Mexican mail-order brides or Vietnamese girls, be cautious every time you see ideal photos of models, which are too good to be true. Chances are, they are not real. What are the aims of swindlers? Usually, they are looking for dewy eyed men and then they try to get money under false pretences. For example, they can use the following methods:

  • ask you to transfer some money (to buy tickets and come to your country, to help resolve serious problems, and so on);
  • ask you to send some intimate photos and videos and then blackmail you, promising to make them public if you don’t send them money;
  • collect your personal information – home address, work address, family composition and then either blackmail you or break into your home and steal precious things.

Be mindful that many swindlers actually do not live thousands miles away, but in your country and even in your city. So don’t disclose your personal information until you see your dialog partner with your own eyes, whether in person or at least via a webcam.


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